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ZEROTIME – Why the Australian Government Cannot Be Trusted

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ZEROTIME – Why the Australian Government Cannot Be Trusted

By Zeee Media


This week we cover why the Australian government can’t be trusted with special guest, The Real Rukshan along with Senator Gerard Rennick addressing whether the TGA is simply incompetent or has intentionally lied to the Australian public.

We also cover the topic of the illusion of justice in Australia with guests Julian Gillespie and Tony Nikolic.

ZEROTIME was born out of a desperate need for the truth in Aussie news. For too long, the mainstream media has been lying to the Australian people. Zeee Media commits to bringing you the truth every Wednesday night at 8PM, highlighting key issues the world is facing, how it affects our country and the dangers to our democracy.

Original Source: https://zeeemedia.com/interview/zerotime-why-the-australian-government-cannot-be-trusted/

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