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Why Won’t LinkedIn Tell Me the Proof They Have That What I Posted Was Inaccurate or Misleading?

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Why Won’t LinkedIn Tell Me the Proof They Have That What I Posted Was Inaccurate or Misleading?

By Steve Kirsch

I give LinkedIn full permission to discuss my case publicly. I would like to know what evidence they have that I’m wrong and why they won’t tell me what that evidence is?

I’d like a representative from LinkedIn to clarify in a live discussion what information I posted that is misleading or inaccurate and how they know that to be true.

Clearly, LinkedIn thinks it is extremely serious what I’m saying that they must ban me for life.

But the problem is that they don’t provide any evidence that I’m wrong so I keep spreading the same inaccurate or misleading information.

It must have taken them a lot of work to find the evidence. Why not reveal it?

They are deliberately keeping me, and everyone else, in the dark as to their evidence.

I’m transparent about the evidence I have for my statements. The evidence I have is all laid out on my Substack in hundreds of articles all publicly available.

Why does LinkedIn’s evidence have to remain secret?

This isn’t about me

I’m offering my case as a teaching moment for all LinkedIn members to get insight into the methods LinkedIn can use to terminate your account as well if you express opinions they don’t agree with.

I just talked to Robert Malone and he is equally confused. When LinkedIn banned him for life, they gave no reason. He’s still confused about what he did wrong and would love to hear the evidence.


Where is the evidence that I’m wrong and why won’t you disclose it?

Can we have a public recorded discussion about this? I’m willing to pay any reasonable costs for this and give you full permission to discuss my account.

If any of my readers works at LinkedIn, can you please find out how the public is best served by LinkedIn concealing the evidence that was used to justify terminating my account and Robert Malone’s account? This is just baffling to me.

Original Source: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/why-wont-linkedin-tell-me-the-proof?s=r

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