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What Is Nancy Pelosi Doing When She Reacts to Biden’s Afghanistan Comment?

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What Is Nancy Pelosi Doing When She Reacts to Biden’s Afghanistan Comment?

By The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” reacts to Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre reaction during Joe Biden’s State of the Union address where he mentions “burn pits” in Afghanistan.

Here’s what others had to say: 

David Letasi
We are witnessing the moral and psychological breakdown of our leadership. Their corruption has overwhelmed them thoroughly to the point of irrational behavior.

Kirk Veselka
She looks like someone who is happy that something she did to hurt others is working.

Steve Hoffmaster
That was even more disturbing than her tearing up Trump’s state of the union speech, there’s something seriously wrong with her.

“Toxic smoke from burnpits” sounds like Nancy’s home district.

Douglas Andrews
“there’s this crazy alcoholic woman named Nancy Pelosi…” absolutely screaming with laughter!!! Dude this entire clip is utterly magical, Pelosi is such a buffoon!!

Brandos Ghost
While everyone else played drinking games of “drink when Biden claims his success over Covid, success with unemployment, blaming Trump for his shortcomings, etc.,” I made a last-minute rule change to drink when Pelosi uses her tongue to fix her dentures in place. Needless to say, we all blacked out within the first five minutes of this dreaded speech and thankfully missed the rest, including whatever the hell this weirdness was.

B ran
There are no words to explain what happened last night.

If you ever needed evidence to show she’s the secret evil villain from a Disney classic, here it is..

Chad Widdison
“Robotic, soulless weirdos.” -Rubin may have just come up with the best definition for politicians.

Arthur H
Toxic smoke from burn pits reminded her of good old San Fran and she couldn’t help but get all sentimental about the memories.

Original Source: https://youtu.be/uLuaZNs7Z9A

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