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The President of Ukraine Again Spoke About the Lack of Help from Tel Aviv

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The President of Ukraine Again Spoke About the Lack of Help from Tel Aviv

“We don’t understand what happened to Israel… Israel has not given us anything at all, zero.”

The President of Ukraine again spoke about the lack of help from Tel Aviv.

“We learned from intelligence that Israel actually supplies these defense systems to other countries, not to us,” Zelensky said.

Back in July, Kiev demanded the Iron Dome missile defense system and Spike anti-tank complexes from Israel.

When the refusal was received, the Ukrainian ambassador began demanding that the Israeli authorities “get out of the comfort zone and choose a side.”

After that, Tel Aviv still sent military aid to the Ukrainians — 1,500 “Kevlar” helmets that made their way out of a pistol.

Should Kiev now wait for cardboard air defense systems and ATGMs? Time will show.


Kiev will still receive military assistance from Israel.

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However, not what was expected.

1,500 Kevlar helmets, the same number of bulletproof vests, and 3,000 gas masks will be delivered.

Why is Kevlar in quotation marks? They break through with 9×19 cartridges from a distance of 10 meters.

By the way, Ukraine asked for anti-tank and anti-missile systems, not cardboard helmets.


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