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The Conversation and Censorship: Truth & Corruption in Science & Medicine / Influence of the Murdoch Media

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The Conversation and Censorship: Truth & Corruption in Science & Medicine / Influence of the Murdoch Media

By Elizabeth Hart

From: Elizabeth Hart On Dated Mon, May 2, 2022
For the attention of:
Peter Malinauskas
Leader of the SA Labor Party
Premier of South Australia

Peter Malinauskas, FYI, please see below an email thread discussing censorship of discussion relevant to taxpayer-funded public health/vaccination policy on the research sector/university funded The Conversation website, and propaganda influencing policy, e.g. via The Conversation and Murdoch media/News Corp Australia.

In my email I refer to the influence of the highly conflicted Murdoch media/News Corp Australia, and include as an example my recent email to you questioning whether the Malinauskas government and the deeply conflicted Murdoch Advertiser tabloid are collaborating to continue beating up the fear of Covid, and promoting Covid jabs with the daily stream of Covid articles.

The entire Covid debacle of the past two years needs to be cracked wide open, particularly with the Federal election coming up. There’s a grossly misinformed electorate that’s pretty much in the dark about the real facts on Covid. And there are many, many people who have had their bodily autonomy and bodily integrity trashed by state and territory government Covid jab mandates, plus mask/muzzle mandates, excessive testing and quarantine, and digital surveillance.

If only we had an authentic fourth estate to investigate this biggest political scandal ever…  Please see email thread below.

Elizabeth Hart
Independent researcher investigating the gross over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

From: Elizabeth Hart On Dated Thu, Apr 28
To: Ted Steele

This email is also copied to people influential on taxpayer-funded public health/vaccination policy in Australia, plus other interested parties

Ted, thank you for your email sharing my experience of censorship with the ironically titled ‘The Conversation’, a website which serves the research sector/universities with dogmatic promotion of ‘The Science™’ . It’s appalling that ‘The Conversation’s’ censorship deliberately prevented people openly discussing taxpayer-funded vaccination policy…and here we are, with the Covid jab shambles.

‘The Science™’ is dominating our lives, most recently as represented by the grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted Covid-19 response, with the community being bombarded with defective Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’; testing, testing, testing; digital surveillance via QR codes/vaccine passports; muzzling/masking; and ‘social distancing’/restrictions/lockdowns, all part of a sinister move to control the population on the basis of an apparently never-ending ‘medical emergency’, aka tyranny.

To achieve these ends, we’ve been bombarded by fear-mongering propaganda for the past more than two years.

While ‘The Conversation’ is the propaganda machine for the university/research sector, the mainstream media has been going full throttle to terrify and subdue the masses with the threat of ‘the virus’, while benefiting from governments spending millions of taxpayer’s dollars to advertise the jabs, see for example: Governments spent big on vaccination advertising (https://www.afr.com/companies/media-and-marketing/governments-spent-big-on-vaccinate-advertising-20220201-p59swo), Australian Financial Review, 3 February 2022.

Most prominent among the mainstream media in Australia is the Murdoch media/News Corp Australia, which has been at the forefront of beating up Covid fear and the ‘vaccine solution’, but seemingly reluctant to disclose its significant conflict of interest, i.e. that News Corp Australia is a corporate partner with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. This institute was originally founded with the involvement of Rupert Murdoch’s mother, Elisabeth Murdoch. The institute is ostensibly about medical research for children. But it’s also involved in vaccine research, including now Covid-19 vaccine research with the Doherty Institute. Also note that it was modelling out of the Doherty Institute (https://humanityattheprecipice.files.wordpress.com/2021/09/jodie-mcvernon-is-australia-being-held-to-ransom-thanks-to-e28098scientific-fiction-by-the-doherty-institute-2-09-2021-1.pdf) that put Australia into lockdown in March 2020, this modelling being influenced by the infamous Neil Ferguson et al Report 9 out of Imperial College London, that recommends ‘suppression’ of the virus (aka restrictions and lockdown) “until a vaccine becomes available”.

It was Australian prime minister Scott Morrison who actually called the pandemic before the WHO in February 2020, and then threw out Australia’s pandemic plan (https://humanityattheprecipice.files.wordpress.com/2021/07/letterscottmorrison16-07-2021_v2-1.pdf). With Australia’s borders being closed in March 2020, we were essentially imprisoned, captured for the Covid-19 injection market. To regain our freedom, we’ve been expected to submit to the Covid-19 jabs, Scott Morrison wanted to be the hero with his ‘vaccine solution’…which appears to be about never-ending defective jabs, with 280 million doses ‘secured’ (https://www.pm.gov.au/media/australia-secures-additional-pfizer-biontech-vaccine-2022-and-2023) for around 26 million Australians, i.e. more than 10 doses for everyone – who knew this when they were being lined up for the jabs?

Now reportedly over 95% of the country has been jabbed, including children. What will happen if something goes wrong with these jabs…that millions of people have been pressured, coerced and manipulated to have, in contravention of the obligation for ‘valid consent’, as stipulated in The Australian Immunisation Handbook?

There’s a big picture to examine as to the many parties influential on the current Covid-19 situation, including of course the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has been influential on international vaccination policy for over 20 years via the WHO, Gavi, CEPI etc, and also funds Neil Ferguson and so many others – who isn’t on the teat of BMGF funding?

In regards to the Murdoch media, it was the Executive Chairman of News Corp Australasia, Michael Miller, who forwarded an open letter to Australia’s business leaders and owners to champion the Covid-19 jab rollout…but was News Corp Australia’s conflict of interest in being associated with Covid-19 vaccine research disclosed? See my email to Michael Miller: Mandated COVID-19 vaccination and News Corp Australia (https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2021/09/mandated-covid-19-vaccination-and-news-corp-australia.pdf), 29 September 2021.

Again, the situation in Australia is absolutely dire. We’ve been betrayed by politicians across the political spectrum, with state premiers such as Daniel Andrews in Victoria and Mark McGowan in Western Australia and others, dictating that millions of people must have the Covid jabs to maintain their livelihoods, i.e. No Jab, No Job. As well as coercing people to have the jabs to keep their jobs, other discriminatory regulations were put in place to bar unjabbed people from going to restaurants, travelling, going to the theatre, playing sport such as golf, even going to the zoo. The plan was to ‘cancel out’ people who would not comply with having the defective Covid jabs, to punish people who refused to be jabbed by excluding them from society…this discrimination and segregation is so evil…

It’s timely to remember where the ‘No Jab’ concept originated…which was the Murdoch media’s aggressive No Jab, No Play media campaign for coercive vaccination of children, run in 2013-2015, and resulting in the No Jab, No Pay/No Play laws, obligingly enacted by compliant politicians. Scott Morrison was Social Services Minister in 2015, and he raised the No Jab, No Pay bill. Also interesting that Morrison had a private lunch with Rupert Murdoch that year, was No Jab, No Play/No Pay discussed during this cosy tete a tete? Submissions from the public questioning the coercive vaccination No Jab, No Pay bill were ignored by the Senate committee. The Senate committee public hearing (https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Community_Affairs/No_Jab_No_Pay/Public_Hearings) re the No Jab, No Pay bill was dominated by then Greens leader Senator Richard Di Natale and people associated with the lobby groups Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM) and Stop the Australian (Anti-) Vaccination Network (SAVN), i.e. Sue Ieraci FSM, John Cunningham SAVN and FSM, David Hawkes SAVN and FSM and Patrick Stokes SAVN, none of whom are ‘experts’ in the range of vaccine products on the Australian National Immunisation Program Schedule. The coercive No Jab, No Pay law was subsequently enacted in January 2016.

Covid restrictions are being lifted…for now…but the No Jab, No Job mandates remain in place for many people, across a range of employers. And of course the controlling infrastructure has been put in place for ‘next time’…and what looks like the emerging social credit system.

It’s frightening to consider that Australia is probably one of the most Covid-jabbed countries in the world under mandates. No-one has given ‘valid voluntary consent’ to this massive global experiment because NO-ONE has been properly informed before this medical intervention. It’s incredible that health care practitioners have gone along with this, do they not understand their ethical obligation to obtain informed consent? Of course, AHPRA threatens health care practitioners who go against the narrative, they’re also at risk of being ‘cancelled out’.  What is going to happen when the penny really drops about this, when people realise they’ve been tricked into this disastrous global experiment of failing ‘leaky vaccines’ against a disease it was known from the beginning wasn’t a serious threat for most people? No-one has truly give their informed consent to this experiment, particularly the children. Will the people rise up and rebel against this grievous crime against them, this assault on their bodily autonomy and bodily integrity?

The politicians who have been a party to this, how they have betrayed the people…

In this regard, please see below my recent email to South Australian premier Peter Malinauskas, questioning whether the Malinauskas government and the deeply conflicted Murdoch Advertiser tabloid are collaborating to continue beating up the fear of Covid, and promoting Covid jabs with the daily stream of Covid articles. In my email I challenge censorship, and the lack of a public forum to ask questions and seek accountability for public health policy.

From: Elizabeth Hart On Dated Wed, Apr 27, 2022
Subject: The Murdoch media, the Malinauskas government, and Covid-19 fear-mongering…

For the attention of:
Peter Malinauskas
Leader of the SA Labor Party
Premier of South Australia

Peter Malinauskas, an article on The Advertiser yesterday is dramatically headlined: Seven Covid patients dead, 254 in hospital as SA records 3463 new cases. (See copy attached.)

According to the SA Health Covid-19 Dashboard as at 26 April 2022 (https://www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/wps/wcm/connect/public+content/sa+health+internet/conditions/infectious+diseases/covid-19/about+covid-19/latest+updates/covid-19+dashboard), 332 deaths have been attributed to Covid-19. No start date for data is provided. Presumably this figure of 332 deaths is for the at least past two years? According to ABS statistics released 29/09/2021 (https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/people/population/deaths-australia/latest-release), 27,524 deaths were registered in South Australia during the two year period 2019/2020, i.e. 13,917 in 2019, and 13,607 in 2020.

So it’s likely a similar figure will result for say the period 2020/2021? It’s remarkable that the small number of deaths attributed to Covid in generally elderly people excite so much daily attention, while thousands of other deaths from disease pass without comment in The Advertiser’s headlines.

Are the Malinauskas government and The Advertiser collaborating to continue beating up the fear of Covid, and promoting Covid jabs with the daily stream of Covid articles? Also see my emails to you: Deaths re Covid and Covid jabs, including Covid jabs for kids (https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2022/04/deaths-re-covid-and-covid-jabs-including-covid-jabs-for-kids-email-to-sa-premier-peter-malinauskas.pdf), 11 April 2022; and Peter Malinauskas bullying South Australians to submit to Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’ (https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2022/04/peter-malinauskas-bullying-south-australians-to-submit-to-covid-19-leaky-vaccines.pdf), 6 April 2022.

Upon reading the recent Advertiser article it emerges “Seven people who tested positive for Covid, have died – one woman in her 70s, one woman in her 80s, two women in their 90s, one man in his 70s and two men in their 80s”.

I submitted a comment on The Advertiser article, questioning: “Did any of these people die ‘of’ Covid? Were they in hospital because of Covid? Or were they in hospital with other ailments? Did they have comorbidities? Have these people had any Covid jabs?”

My perfectly reasonable questions were ‘rejected’ by The Advertiser. My undoubtedly frank questions are often censored on The Advertiser, see list of recently submitted comments attached.

This is very concerning Peter Malinauskas, as there is no effective public forum for people to ask questions and seek accountability for public health policy. My family pays hundreds of dollars a year to access Murdoch publications, i.e. tabloids such as The Advertiser, and The Australian, but often my comments on articles relevant to taxpayer-funded vaccination policy are censored. I pay to follow these publications, not because I find them a valuable source of news, but rather to monitor media which is being used to manipulate public opinion and taxpayer-funded vaccination policy, e.g. fear mongering about Covid and associated misinformation/propaganda.

As I’ve repeatedly raised in previous emails, the Murdoch media, aka News Corp Australia, is highly conflicted in that it’s associated with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, which is involved in vaccine research, including Covid-19 vaccine research with the Doherty Institute. The Murdoch media has also campaigned for coercive vaccination laws for children, i.e. No Jab, No Play/No Pay, a precedent that is now being used to coerce adults to submit to defective Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’, e.g. No Jab, No Job under state government mandates. See my emails to prime minister Scott Morrison for more background: Scott Morrison “a hypocrite and a liar” – informed consent and the Covid-19 jab rollout (https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2022/02/scott-morrison-_a-hypocrite-and-a-liar_-informed-consent-and-the-covid-19-jab-rollout.pdf), 10 February 2022; and No Jab, No Pay/No Play – coercive coronavirus vaccination in Australia (https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2021/02/no-jab-no-pay-no-play-coercive-vaccination-in-australia.pdf), 18 February 2021.

Has the Murdoch media’s conflict of interest ever been properly disclosed on articles relevant to Covid-19 policy published by News Corp Australia? Not that I’m aware of…

Again Peter Malinauskas, it’s very concerning that corporate media such as News Corp Australia is apparently shaping the Covid-19 narrative in a way which may favour its corporate interests, e.g. vaccination research, including censoring subscribers’ comments which challenge their preferred narrative. Is News Corp Australia collaborating with the federal and state governments in this regard?  It would be interesting to see a review of News Corp Australia publications over the past two years, and consider the bias and lack of disclosure of conflicts of interest. Perhaps it might be considered in a public inquiry about the grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted Covid-19 response in future?

On Tue, Apr 19, 2022 Ted Steele wrote:

To Biomedical and Immunological colleagues, Epidemiologists, and writers and editors at News Ltd & ABC : I ask you all to pause, reconsider and reflect on your positions on Covid-19 – and then take some responsibility for them given we know that jab-in-arm mRNA vaccines do not prevent infection nor transmission nor severity (any variant), are dangerous with high adverse event rates (being  fully vaccinated then catch Covid is the most serious).† The ineffective vaccine mandates and lockdowns have caused great harm to millions of trusting Australians, where the unvaccinated truly now live in a totalitarian state with a loss of many democratic freedoms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2krGe1j074

As scientists, particularly those of us with Immunology, Microbiology and Vaccination research knowledge dating back many years (50 years in my case), we have a professional responsibility to tell the truth and then admit any mistakes we make. It has been most distressing to watch how the scientific and medical establishment has provided its professional imprimatur and endorsement of coercive totalitarian policies imposed by State Premiers led by Daniel Andrews† and which Prime Minister Scott Morrison used as cover to allow a “Reign of Terror “to flourish unchecked in Australia for political gain.

Elizabeth Hart – in her email on The Conversation and censorship (below)  – has identified to her wide circle of concerned and aware Australian citizens the destructive corruption and webs of conflict of interest in Australian biomedical science. In particular the wider medical establishment through the insidious “Friends of Science in Medicine “ network.  That network of profound conflict of interest and corrosive corruption needs to be exposed to as many enlightened Australian citizens as possible so that news can be widely spread.

This is because, as sure as night follows day, another pandemic will arrive on our shores and me need to understand more accurately what has unfolded with Covid-19, now the most molecularly-tracked virus pandemic in scientific and medical history.

Given the  past track records of my scientific colleagues and Elizabeth Hart’s systematic exposure of the corruption web we can now understand how the massive public health failure unfolded in Australia under Covid. We must learnt from our collective mistakes in order to handle the next suddenly-arriving cold or flu pandemic (in all historical probability). To this end I have made a submission to the Dr. Peter Shergold post mortem independent inquiry on Australia’s official Covid response and I have particularly identified the destructive leading role of The Peter Doherty Institute at the top of the list on the “expert panel” of advisors to the Shergold inquiry. Discussed this past weekend on TNT Radio:
“Politically Incorrect “ with Mike Tennessee & Richard Carsson Interview 16 April 2022 from 26:30 min mark  https://tntradiolive.podbean.com/e/ted-steele-on-politically-incorrect-16-apr-2022/)

To my biomedical colleagues:  For posterity please reflect on your actions and decisions, say you got things wrong and then apologise to the Australian people – and then learn from your mistakes.

You need to confront the fact that the vaccine mandates and the governments’ public health responses have been a massive failure at all levels of established scientific and medical understanding.

From: Elizabeth Hart On Dated Saturday, 16 April 2022
Subject: Taxpayer-funded vaccine policy and censorship…

Hi Mary, thanks for your response, and best wishes to you too for Easter.

Another topic I’d like to raise for consideration is censorship, particularly in the area of taxpayer-funded vaccination policy.

This has been discussed on another group recently, and thought I’d share my comments with this group too. I might have raised this previously with some people on this group, can’t remember, but it’s worth bringing up again, because it’s such a big part of the problem.

Blatant censorship is par for the course for anybody who threatens the Church of Vaccination, as I know from long experience.

Consider The Conversation for instance, many people on this list are probably aware of this research sector funded website (https://theconversation.com/au/partners), which is publicly supported by Peter Doherty (https://theconversation.com/au/nobel-laureate).

Members of the ‘vaccination clique’ have availed themselves of a platform on The Conversation website, particularly in the years in the run-up to the No Jab, No Pay Law. People such as Kristine Macartney, Robert Booy, Raina MacIntyre, Julie Leask, Peter McIntyre, Dave Hawkes, Rachael Dunlop and Patrick Stokes, and more recently in Covid times Nigel Crawford, Chair of ATAGI; Jodie McVernon, author on the Doherty modelling; and Margie Danchin at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and a member of the industry-funded Immunisation Coalition, along with Robert Booy and Raina MacIntyre.

Another big noise in the ‘vaccination clique’ is Ian Frazer, as you would know, a co-inventor of the technology enabling the HPV vaccines who receives royalties from their sale in the developed world. I started commenting frequently on The Conversation after I read his article: Catch cancer? No thanks, I’d rather have a shot! (https://theconversation.com/catch-cancer-no-thanks-id-rather-have-a-shot-7568) published in 2012, his advertorial promoting the HPV shot around the time it was announced the HPV shot was being put on the schedule for boys (https://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-07-12/hpv-vaccine-extended-to-boys/4126354). I left a lot of comments on Frazer’s article, and that’s when I came across Dave Hawkes and Sue Ieraci, who are connected with SAVN and Friends of Science in Medicine, and who I subsequently discovered are ‘attack dogs’ who emerged to stifle discussion on taxpayer-funded vaccination policy and stop dissent about the ‘blessed vaccines’.

I commented frequently on vaccination articles on The Conversation, and in April 2015 I sent an email to then executive director and editor, Andrew Jaspan, complaining about bias and censorship at The Conversation. David Healy, who some of you are probably familiar with, published my letter on his blog, see: Compulsory Vaccination and the Media – The Australian Experience (https://davidhealy.org/compulsory-vaccination-and-the-media-the-australian-experience/), 12 May 2015.

In April 2016 I was finally banned altogether from commenting on articles on The Conversation, see my detailed and referenced email to Misha Ketchell, managing editor of The Conversation, which provides background: Censorship of comments re vaccination policy by The Conversation (https://elizabethhart.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/gmail-censorship-of-comments-re-vaccination-policy-by-the-conversation.pdf), 24 April 2016.

Misha Ketchell responded the same day saying: “Thanks for getting in touch. Your comments have been deleted as they pushed your particular agenda on vaccination but failed to properly engage with the articles under which they were posted, thus derailing the conversations. We reserve the right to remove comments to ensure a constructive dialogue, and your repeated contravention of our rules has led to you being banned. I hope this provides the clarity you need.”

My correspondence with Misha Ketchell was witnessed by Peter Doherty, Raina MacIntyre, Julie Leask and Andrew Jaspan. So you see what we’re up against, the research sector effectively forbids dissent about vaccine products

That’s ‘The Science™’  for you, no dissent allowed…so much for ‘the conversation’…

On Fri, Apr 15, 2022, Mary Butler  wrote:

Elizabeth… your persistence knows no bounds as does Ted’s. Words just fail me, it is  unbelievable and totally evil. ‘They’ get away with it and too many  still believe vaccinations are in our interest.
Wishing you all a special Easter and lots of praying that the mandates are stopped and people brought to justice.


Deaths re Covid and Covid jabs, including Covid jabs for kids – email to SA premier Peter Malinauskas

From: Elizabeth Hart

For the attention of:
Peter Malinauskas
Leader of the SA Labor Party
Premier of South Australia

Peter Malinauskas, re an article in The Advertiser today: Covid hospitalisations rise by 14 in SA, as evidence shows vaccination cuts death date.

In the article, Nicola Spurrier admits “most people had a fairly mild reaction to Covid”.

She says 281 had died – that’s over more than two years. To put that in context, 13,607 deaths were registered in South Australia in 2020, with 13,917 deaths registered in 2019.[1]

What are the ages and comorbidities of the 281 people who died?

In regards to the generalised vaccination and dose statistics Nicola Spurrier provides, as usual she’s a reference free zone – can we have some detailed information, including relevant to age and health status?

Also, what is the impact upon people of having jabs every few months? For instance, Bloomberg reports: “European Union regulators warned that frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible. Repeat booster doses every four months could eventually weaken the immune response and tire out people, according to the European Medicines Agency.” It seems like the jabbed people are well on the way to weakening their immune response, and soon they’ll be pressed to have flu jabs too…the vaccine load is forever increasing…

The Advertiser article also refers to “Covid jabs for kids”.

Why is there so much pressure for children to have the Covid jabs? They’re not at serious risk of disease.

“Most children with SARS-CoV-2 infection are asymptomatic or experience a mild illness. Those who are symptomatic typically have a short illness with a median duration of 5 days (interquartile range [IQR] 2–9 days)” – this is admitted by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI). ATAGI acknowledges that children aged 5-11 years “were the least likely of all age groups to require hospitalisation or ICU admission for COVID-19”. ATAGI also acknowledges that “Deaths in children due to COVID-19 are rare”.

Why does ATAGI recommend the Covid jabs for children, when “Most children with SARS-CoV-2 infection are asymptomatic or experience a mild illness”, are least likely to be admitted to hospital for Covid, and deaths in children due to Covid are rare?

This doesn’t make sense. Obviously children are able to deal with SARS-CoV-2 naturally themselves. Why is children’s natural immune response being put at risk with the Covid-19 ‘leaky vaccines’ that don’t prevent infection nor transmission? Is anyone asking this question?

What’s going to happen to children going forward? They’ve been set up for these jabs against a disease which isn’t a threat for them, and will be getting repeat jabs in future? What are these defective ‘leaky vaccines’ going to do to their natural immune response?

Again, this isn’t making sense… Why isn’t this being questioned officially?

If something goes wrong with these jabs in future, it’s going to get very tricky… This is why the vaccine manufacturers wanted protection from liability… For instance in 2020, Ruud Dobber of AstraZeneca said “This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in…four years the vaccine is showing side effects”. And it’s the same for the other jabs – something could show up a few years down the track, and they want liability protection. But if it’s realised they’ve deliberately spread ‘leaky vaccines’ around the world, generating lucrative repeat markets, this puts a whole different slant on things… It’s certainly highly questionable to be jabbing children now with these experimental ‘leaky vaccines’ that don’t prevent infection nor transmission, and which might also disrupt children’s own effective natural immune response.

Please also see my BMJ rapid responses:
– Is it ethical to vaccinate children to protect the elderly? 5 August 2020
– Is it ethical to impede access to natural immunity? The case of SARS-CoV2 25 March 2020

There’s huge problems with this mass population Covid-19 jab rollout Peter Malinauskas, you really need to think about your position on this matter, including of course re the Covid jab mandates, which have destroyed ‘valid voluntary consent’.

Elizabeth Hart
Independent researcher investigating the gross over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

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