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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Supreme Court Agrees with Jose Method (Huge Ga Election Win)

Must read

Supreme Court Agrees with Jose Method (Huge Ga Election Win)

They’ll install who they want until we force them to do it our way.

They won’t stop until they’re stopped.

Here’s a HUGE victory.

Thank you, David Jose! You’re a real one!


Here in this video, we see once again that the high courts understand clearly what the people are doing with massive Notices and Affidavits. This is game over for the deep state

Here’s what others had to say:

BOOM!! We the people are learning how to control OUR out of control government! Thank you guys!

Too bad Steve Bannon wasn’t quick enough to ponder the concept your group is putting forth.
People vs Lawmakers NO courts needed!!
BTW – Steve always sounds irritated, he must interrupt for the sake of his show, he must clarify for his audience what is being said. He did ask some good questions. He wants to understand (and so do I) how did your group show the law was broken or an injurious action took place??? What exact law was broken? Steve wanted to know how your group JUSTIFIED that statement – what is your justification?

I remember seeing all the folks taking those boxes of affidavits into the government building. I also remember Mike Lindell helping deliver those. GOD Bless you all

This is straight fire. Good stuff



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