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Proof of the Bio Labs and Organ Harvesting in Ukraine!

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Proof of the Bio Labs and Organ Harvesting in Ukraine!

By Disclosurehub

Here’s what others had to say: 

Well said. Khazarian Mafia is hard at work in the world. We must not ignore the signs of the devil.

well said …Putin is NOT our enemy, it’s the globalists agenda, de Cabal

Wow!!! Such an AWESOME, AWESOME VIDEO!!! Well done, 100% on Point and the guy from the middle to end Laid it out there EXACTLY on point and as Blunt as he could be. No sugar coating 100% Fact. Would Love to know that guy’s name or contact info. He definitely deserves the credit. Thank you Disclosure Hub for All you do. I actually just found this site recently. I follow another disclosure but not sure if it’s connected to you or not. Thanks again.

This stuff is so disgusting. So many are still idolizing the scum that do this.

Best full info I have been trying to tell my wife, boys and friends.. this wraps it up.. thanks.. I and sending the link everywhere I can..

I thought FB was taken over by the white hats
This would prove that’s incorrect
Otherwise these posts wouldn’t be removed

Putin is a Major part of the PLAN! He will be the only one to remove the Bio Labs. And guess what? This is exactly what GOD ALMIGHTY WANTS. Lucifer and his cronies have had full control for thousands of years NOW The GOD of LIFE ETERNAL is in Control because HE Said ENOUGH!!! HE is using HIS Anointed to bring forth HIS desires to totally Destroy everything that is EVIL worldwide and NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING. Because. THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

Homosexusl. Patriot? Where was there any mention of homosexuality? Why is Homosexual even mentioned in the preamble? Saying that undermined the entire. Video
Super weird, Super judgemental., Super homophobic. There was nothing about Homosexual in anything said in this video. Shame on disclosure hub.
Great info except for the presumption of Homosexual anything.

Original source: https://rumble.com/vw4627-proof-of-the-labs-and-organ-harvesting-in-ukraine.html

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