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Post Election Update With Riccardo Bosi

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Post Election Update With Riccardo Bosi

By Australia One Party 


Here’s what others had to say:

100% correct. I beleive this fraudulent election was a sting operation. Expose the rats for everyone to see. We are in war folks WW3 is here whether you want to believe it or not. One by One the bad actors are exposing themselves foe the world to see. ThanQ Ric ThanQ Sarah and everyone in the A1 family.

I’m in communist VIC and less than a month away from my state injectable exemption expiring and being stood down as a teacher for the second time. The education system is full of woke garbage and it looks like it’s about to get worse under the communist Labor and Greens. On Tuesday I arrived to work to find out it was ‘IDAHOBIT Day’… There were staff and students everywhere wearing ridiculous badges and stickers. One of the badges was rainbow coloured and had the words “They/Them” written on it. It’s time to rise up Australia, these mandates and woke nonsense must stop and it’s going to take warriors to start standing up. Unfortunately though I’m preaching this in the wrong echochamber. Hopefully all of the slaves in this country wake the hell up fast..

I did send a email to the NT A1 address but what happened yesterday at the Tennant Creek booths was scrutinised a scutineer that has done the same job for the last 3 federal elections at the same site and I do remember him hear last federal election,now this guy told me no less then 5 times if I filled out the senate forms with 1 marked above the line or only 6 below the line it would be classified as a informal vote , I tried to explain that he didn’t know the rules that he is duty bound to adhere to but still he would not have it and he even told me that the rules that I was referring to had changed in 2017 . I left and got my tablet and dialled up the AEC web site and bought up the scrutineers hand book and showed him that he was wrong and he informed me that he had never seen the hand book and only gets 3 hrs of intensive training two weeks before the election,I off course said mate you just told me that this in total is your fourth federal election in total, now honesty was not his forthcoming conversation from that point on as he basically glazed over and tried to give me a rehearsal speech , at the point I told him he was a full blown wanker.

Thanks Sara and Ric! So grateful for A1!! The future looks right for us!!

The Monkey Pox photo released by the U.S. of a person’s hand is identical to that of a Queensland government health pamphlet for Shingles !

The words “ignorant apathetic bastards” should be boldly carved on Australia’s tombstone. The Anzac’s should have stayed home. Their sacrifices were in vain.

They tried to hand me a pencil in Gilmore voting zone but I took my black ink pen with me, so did everyone else I know!
Also, I’ve been receiving voting propoganda in both my previous name and my new legally changed name via births, deaths and marriages so why am I still receiving information from the AEC in my previous legal name AND my new legal name?
How many times did THEY have me vote this year I wonder?

AEC are corrupt, I’ve been tracking fraud the past few elections. And report problems live. Last election they blocked me on Facebook for reporting fraud. They were giving out incorrect information on the senate ballot to keep out independents this time.

Can we expect the masses to believe the facts for so long as they listen to and believe the lying, corrupted MSM? Reality is many of us have been sharing facts for the past few years and been dismissed and even abused for it … which is fine but in the end until the MSM is taken down it’s hard to see much changing.

Ardern, Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Marcos and now Albanese… the AEC is a criminal organisation.
They must be taken down.

Original source: https://rumble.com/v15nw7r-australiaone-party-post-election-update-with-riccardo-bosi.html

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