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Mike Adams Issues Emergency Warning: Billions To Die From Artificial Fertilizer Shortage

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Mike Adams Issues Emergency Warning: Billions To Die From Artificial Fertilizer Shortage

By BANNED.VIDEO | Infowars


Here’s what others had to say:

Billions are going to die from the vaccine we were told, now Billions from lack of fertilisers. You will will run out people soon !!STOP THE FEAR MONGERING. No one is buying into the fear anymore. You are no different to Government and MSM which you criticise for doing the same. HYPOCRITES.

Hey Mike do you have the math again like in 2020? You’ve graduated from predicting that millions would die to billions. The chemical fertilizers are killing the soil, dummy. Educate yourself. Animal waste from healthy animals and green fertilizer are the correct way to recharge the soil. It did so for thousands of years. The decay of death feeds the soil. Chemicals kill it. You are such a fear porn pusher wanna be, but so obviously fake. It’s so silly to think that anyone would take you seriously.

Take The Trump Biden Juice!
Live Long And prosper!
R.I.P.! Trumpsters

Canadian Patriot
They are not worried about the “history books” or “Nuremberg style trials” because they plan to kill EVERYONE they can – and will write the history they choose.
We must EXTERMINATE the corrupt genocide pushers.
This includes all police, govt scum, JUDGES and media, that support the genocide AND ESPECIALLY THE HIDDEN ELITE FILTH (Oligarchs) BEHIND IT ALL.
WE will need to exterminate them all in order to survive.
Begin now
Make no mistake, we are at war.

No one is dieing fro. Covud Mike zionist adams because there is NO COVUD MIKE ZIONIST ADAMS there is however a BIO-WEAPON for depopulation sterilization genocide agenda Mike zioost adams

The globalist elite are high level Freemasons, Jesuits, Kabbalists, and more (The Illuminati) and they worship Lucifer (Satan) as their god in secret. The globalist elite are conspiring behind the scenes to establish the New World Order of Revelation 13. Their roots are in the very foundation of this country of the United States and I suspect all nations to a degree.

Original Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/pP3yphpByWsi/

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