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Melbourne Woman Strangled by Police as She Resists Arrest

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Melbourne Woman Strangled by Police as She Resists Arrest

By Dave Oneegs Aussie Chat

If I or any other man did this to a woman, we’d be in jail for violence against a woman.
But these goons have gotten away with it time and time again.

Notice how the backup goons arrived in masks and sunglasses.
They knew EXACTLY what they were doing and wanted to conceal their identities.

What I find most concerning is just how many officers were willing to behave like this.

What’s even more concerning is the lack of public outrage.
If this was a trans woman/man, can you imagine the outrage then???

We are living in a very strange time whereby ordinary innocent people are being abused and almost no one seems to care.

This one act alone should have been enough to stop the nation.

Instead, most Aussies said, “well, that’s what you get when you don’t obey the rules.”

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Original Source: https://t.me/daveoneegschat/18004

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