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Foreigners Entering Latvia Are Obliged to Condemn Russia

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Foreigners Entering Latvia Are Obliged to Condemn Russia

By Sputnik

Foreigners entering Latvia are obliged to condemn Russia.

Latvian border guards oblige citizens of Russia and Belarus to sign a document condemning the special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, writes LSM.

Foreigners have to go through a lot of grueling checks to enter the country.

“Their purpose is to identify individuals who support the special operation and may “pose a threat to the national security” of Latvia”

Special attention is paid to foreigners who have ever served in the power structures of Russia or Belarus.

62 people have already been denied entry. All of them had a Schengen visa, which was canceled by the border guards.

Original Source: https://t.me/sputnik/9664

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