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Creepy: Locked Down Chinese Scream From High Rise Windows

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Creepy: Locked Down Chinese Scream From High Rise Windows

By Anything Goes

Here’s what others had to say:

Jesus Christ. Poor pets. Tied down in bags, that’s so fucking upsetting.

The footage from the city crying into the night, while only blocks of houses are visible, sends shivers down the spine. Has an apocalyptic feel to it.

Conformity and compliance are ridiculously effective.

Vinny Bologna
The state government of Victoria, Australia did exactly this to residents of a highrise apartment building in Melbourne in 2020…

I am Shadowbanned
I don’t scare easily but this is just spine-tingling. Outrageous.

Wicked Scott
The disease isn’t causing all this suffering and misery, the authorities are. This is insane.

hej la4
A ‘moral outrage’ particularly as everyone knows Omicron is very mild and not life threatening.

I remember watching them get rid of “sick” pigs in China a while back. There was a lake of them in a ditch, far as the eye can see. They dropped some igniter in and the whole thing went ablaze. I can’t even imagine the mindset.

Matt Jones
It’s surprising how many people have forgotten this has been happening in various cities in china for the last few years. It also happened in every country around the world! Have you all forgotten that you all got locked down ???

Original Source: https://youtu.be/NULTBfuZtQE

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