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Rockefeller Smart City Take Over of Australia

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Rockefeller Smart City Take Over of Australia

By Hearts Over Hexagons

This the FULL PRESENTATION to a group in Newcastle, Australia about the transition to the Impact Economy and how the city’s Smart City Plan is integral to it. Smart cities collect the data that makes the Impact Economy viable – ubiquitous surveillance provides “proof of impact,” which is used in determining the Return on Investment for impact investors. Smart city technologies also deliver nudges – or automated signals – designed to change behavior in ways that support the impact agenda, which coincides with the UN SDGs. In the simplest terms, Smart Cities are for social credit scoring and geofencing. I discuss the role that Anchor Institutions and Collective Impact strategies have had in advancing the 4IR Smart City agenda quietly and without genuine public oversight.

Here’s what others had to say:

CrabApples Bodaciously Bitter Fruit’s
I particular want to commend the way you thoroughly dissected and continue to point out and go over circular language especially circular euphemisms I swear it’s like a casting a magic spell or a hex or something there’s more to that than we comprehend.
Even if you don’t want to believe in a the extraordinary it’s probably doing something to the circuitry of our brain in a very scientific way.

Phoenix Maximus
To paraphrase gary gileno (grindall61), sustainability means less of everything: less energy, less food, less water, less mobility, less choice, less freedom.

The subscription service is already happening. The Fayetteville, AR public library allows people to rent tools, camera equipment and other items that can be essential for work. At first I thought, “How wonderful!” Now I see how this can be anything but.

Rosae Hermeticus
Julianne first, can you please define fascism? Second, can you define techno-fascism?

eric From a blue state
Have you heard of Brendon O’Connell? He is quite knowledgeable on this topic.

CrabApples Bodaciously Bitter Fruit’s
They don’t understand an once they do it will already be too late.

N.J. Cooper
Why didn’t you bring Brandon O to this dialogue, schill.


Original Source: https://youtu.be/TyeAezG7tqk

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