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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Project Veritas Interview Reveals How Teachers ‘Groom’ Children to Left Wing Ideology

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Project Veritas Interview Reveals How Teachers ‘Groom’ Children to Left Wing Ideology

By Sky News Australia

Sky News host Rowan Dean says a Project Veritas video of hidden-camera footage reveals how teachers are “grooming” children to left-wing ideology.

A secretly recorded video produced by citizen journalist organisation Project Veritas appears to show an elementary assistant principal saying how he avoids hiring conservatives and Catholics in favour of those with more liberal views.

“He gets the teachers in there and they are literally grooming … our children and our grandchildren, they are grooming them into the whole gender identity philosophy … into extreme climate alarmism,” Mr Dean said.

“They are doing it … knowing it is against the law to do it.”

Here’s what others had to say:

Canadian Drifter
What’s really shocking is how many parents would still send their kids to these indoctrination camps.

The only way evil can be done at a mass scale is if the people committing the actions believe they’re doing good.

“delivering the democratic message” They’re hired to teach, reading, writing, math, science, history, etc. Anything else is inappropriate and grounds for being let go.

Nice work Project Veritas. Doing what the mainstream media is afraid to.
Tell the truth.

Lynda Smartt
Remember how the left was calling conservatives “conspiracy theorists” when we were saying this was happening. Weird how all this stuff seems to be coming out as true, huh?

I can’t believe parents are not pulling the kids out of these schools. Parents start your own neighborhood schools.

truth station
Homeschooling just sounds better and better every day.

Good point- that’s a key difference between the right and the left. The right wants people to think for themselves. The left wants to control the way you think.

These activist teachers need to be purged from the education system.

We need this type of institutional espionage in our schools. Project Veritas are heroes.

Mike Dee
Imagine your ideology being so terrible that the only hope of it surviving is to brainwash children Reminds me of that guy with the funny mustache.

bcfriar Doyle
This is horrifying. Don’t say they think they’re doing Gods work. They are against most churches.

Send a student to school with a hidden camera and know exactly what they are teaching. Some people did this to expose abuse by teachers.

Phill Martin
“Good parents don’t raise good kids, they raise good adults.” Public schools don’t care about your children’s welfare, they don’t have to deal with the confusion, the emotions, or the rebellion. To them, your children are just “property”.

The administrators and teachers are in an uproar about these videos. Not because of the indoctrination exposed but because they were caught with their pants down! These schools need to be closed.

NSW Attorney General has sat on his hands regarding the problems associated with the inactivity of the registered sex offenders list for three years and passes the buck to the police commissioner who shrugs her shoulders with disinterest on her face.

They are quite clever. It will seem you are winning by countering them and firing them, but those kids are impressionable and have become lefty for life already. And 20 years later they will resurface with their bs. Not only should those teachers licences be removed, but those kids need immediate therapy, councelling or even re-naturalization after they are freed from their kidnapper.

Original source: https://youtu.be/BnbY_qb0dNQ

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