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Hollywood Stars ‘Caught Out’ With Climate ‘Hypocrisy’

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Hollywood Stars ‘Caught Out’ With Climate ‘Hypocrisy’

By Sky News Australia

Those who are most successful in Hollywood struggle to recognise the “repulsive hypocrisy” of their own actions, Sky News host Rowan Dean says.

Mr Dean discussed the hypocrisy of Hollywood stars who make numerous trips on private jets such as Steven Spielberg.

Here’s what others had to say:

Josey Wales
In America-“entertainers and athletes are mistaken for people of importance”-

Agent Smith
It’s the same in every Western country. Rich, entitled, celebrities, politicians and others of the elite, travel around in private jets and tells us all how we need to all suffer more with less food, electricity and petrol.

Andy Ruppel
It’s very hard to take actors and politicians seriously about climate change when they themselves are responsible for waaaay more pollutants than the average person!!

What does one expect, given that narcissism and egotism are prerequisites for a life in Hollywood.

The fact that humans listen to actors talking about things in which they know nothing of is evidence we shouldn’t be letting everyone vote.

Jed D.
“America has become a place where actors, entertainers and musicians are confused with persons of REAL importance.”

Huge shout out to our Aussie friends for reporting US news that the US will never repor.

I really hate those celebrities and pop stars lecturing us about the sacrifices we must make while they themselves don’t sacrifice anything and continue to enjoy their luxurious life

Dennis Masters
It’s really terrible to have to hear actual honest journalism from a non-American news source. THANK YOU SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA!!

Its amazing that our Aussie friends report better news than we do at home here in the States… Glad to see theres still sane people in the world. Love aussies

Thrith Golden
Thank you for putting this together…
To bad the sycophants won’t believe that their beloved celebrities could EVER be so horribly hypocritical!

Forget About It
Don’t worry; where celebrities are going is more important than where you’re going so we have to “fall in line” while they can do whatever they want.
In the same vein, they want to ban guns while they have armed security (we have no need to protect ourselves but c’mon, they’re more important so it would be dumb not to use guns) and they want to abolish our border wall while they live behind gated communities (since it’s obvious they can’t be disturbed with unwelcome visitors but us plebeians just have to deal with it or we’re “racist”).

Johnny Wijngaarden
It’s important that people understand that these elites want you to change your behavior, so that these hard-working, deserving and well-known paragons of virtue don’t have to.

Original source: https://youtu.be/SqnKKJ8za1U

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