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Calls to Ban Social Media App TikTok in Australia Grows

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Calls to Ban Social Media App TikTok in Australia Grows

By Sky News Australia

Calls to ban TikTok in Australia are growing in response to concerns it is harvesting unnecessary amounts of information.

The social media platform has access to a high amount of personal data not required to make the app work.

EFTM.com Editor Trevor Long said he doesn’t see the app being banned but sees a lot of conversations about how to “crackdown” on the social media platform.

“The concern here is that the TikTok app itself, specifically on Android phones … is asking for permissions just a little bit beyond what anyone would normally need,” he told Sky News Australia.

Calls to ban social media app TikTok in Australia grows

“In the end, it’s a Chinese app, there’s no scooting around that, and if that’s the kind of thing that worries you, it’s not a platform to be on.”

Original Source: https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/calls-to-ban-social-media-app-tiktok-in-australia-grows/ar-AAZJ12v?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=ed86cebf75b043a690e9ce968682cdcd

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