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Australian National Review Founder Exposes the Looney Leftists for What They Are

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Australian National Review Founder Exposes the Looney Leftists for What They Are

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

Australian National Review Founder exposes the looney leftists for what they are.

Losers and if not stopped will ensure everyone loses, especially democracy. A society that allows the weakest and dumbest to get and remain in unearned positions of power and wealth will accordingly suffer.

Let’s simply say no to these losers.

They need mental help.


Whoopi Goldberg leaves Twitter and why being a loony leftist is being a loser.

Whoopi Goldberg leaves Twitter, and why being a loony leftist is being a loser and why we must say no to losers,before the entire world loses.

Whoopi Goldberg says she is leaving Twitter, but says she may come back: “I’m going to get out, and if it settles down and I feel more comfortable, maybe I’ll come back.”

ANR Founder says,”good riddance  and did you know being a loony leftist is a mental illness ?

It’s the trait of a total f… loser

Don’t be a loser

Tell any loser friends you have

To grow up.

The world must say no to “ loser loony leftist,before their mental illness destroys the world”.

Simply don’t accept their bs.

Our children deserve a better world.

Where citizens have enough brains to identify total Bs & not fall for obvious lies, Bs 19 scams etc. I mean how can you be a functioning adult if you believe every lie told on the idiot box,plus think there is 97 genders and you stand with a country you can’t even find on a map or care for because you told to.

Like, if anyone is still wearing a mask,or thinking about taking any more jabs,or supports losers Puppet installed leaders like Joe Biden, Zelensky, or any of our Western puppet leaders including Australian PM & Penny Wrong, then they are losers.

I’m not going to live in a loser-run world.

Are you?

Australian National Review

News for winners, not losers


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