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Urgent Update! Kassam vs Hazzard (NSW Health)

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Urgent Update! Kassam vs Hazzard (NSW Health)

By National United

URGENT UPDATE! THEY’VE DONE IT! Kassam vs Hazzard (NSW Health).

AFL Lawyers who took on the NSW Govt last year in the Supreme Court to fight the mandates last year has made it to the High Court of Australia today!

This is what was sent to me from lead lawyer Tony Nikolic;

“No one has got this far Mack. They want to hear oral arguments meaning our case has passed a stage where the High court thinks must be heard. There is a long way to go but we need to keep pressure up on all fronts.”

I know you’re tired, frustrated, angry and over it BUT we have made so much progress. We need to keep showing up to let these tyrants know we aren’t going away.

Original Source: https://t.me/NationalUnited/378

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