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The C0vid Story Everyone Should Be Talking About!

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The C0vid Story Everyone Should Be Talking About!

By Coronavirus Info

Global Covid Narrative Collapsing:

Over 1 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses to be thrown away (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/980) by Governments.

French Parliament blocks the Covid pass (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/985) for international travel.

Colorado drops Covid-19 vaccine mandate (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1013) for healthcare workers.

Missouri and Lousiana take U.S. Govt and Social Media giants to court (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/986).

Cincinnati stops entire U.S. Air Force enforcing Covid-19 injections (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/999).

Rebel News OZ Journalist issued official apology (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/974) by Victoria police.

Western Standard joins other MSM outlets (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/989) reporting vaccines harmful.

CDC unhappy with low demand for child Covid injections (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/997) across USA.

NIH and CDC employees questioning leadership and leaving (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1000) in droves.

Growing Movement for Freedom:

Half of the global population (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/969) no longer trust their governments.

Covid Camps Regulation in New York stopped by United New York State (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/971).

U.S. Teachers For Choice (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/973) are against all forced medical Mandates.

Aussie Freedom Flyers (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/978) in court for work rights and freedom to choose.

Unifying one-day global walkout event organised by Reignite Freedom (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1005).

Inspirational Covid-related Media:

When you see something wrong, you have to “Stand Up and Say No! (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1001)”

Graph showing worldwide majority questioning (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/976) mainstream narrative.

Video of left and right uniting (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/991) in France to defeat the Covid Pass.

7 Reasons to End Mask Mandates (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/995) Guide for parents, teachers & public.

Update from lawyer (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/996) who stopped C-19 injections for kids in Uruguay.

Healing & Community is Strength:

The global agenda is planned; it doesn’t mean it will happen (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/970).

Tess Talks with Robito on healing depression & suicidal ideation (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/975).

Study finds intermittent fasting reduces Covid-19 (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/982) Symptoms.

Don’t avoid the world’s problems, but put focus on what we’re creating (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/979).

The growing network of CPN mentors (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/994)helping us co-create a better world.

4 new weekly CPN community events to support each other (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1014) on this journey.

Parallel Better World Debate:

Control Group ‘revolutionising our understanding of health (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/990)’ webinars.

Fasting and moving from allopathic medicine to innate healing (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/984).

Interview with NZDSOS who are building parallel health systems (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/992).

How you feel reading this news?

Nurturing a Positive focus optimises our ability to think, feel, heal and act (https://t.me/covidpositivenews/191).

We’ve reached 20.5K members.

Thank you for joining us!

We are uniting and supporting each other, as the old systems collapse and we unify to build a beautiful post-Covid better world – together.

We are the ones we are waiting for. Our strength and power is our focus. What we focus on expands.

The real COVID story has just begun – Creating Our Vision In Detail.


Original Source: https://t.me/covidpositivenews/1015

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