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Situation Update, Mar 4, 2022 – Nuclear Fallout + Spike Protein DNA Suppression = Binary Weapon for Global Human Extermination

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Situation Update, Mar 4, 2022 – Nuclear Fallout + Spike Protein DNA Suppression = Binary Weapon for Global Human Extermination

By Health Ranger Report

It is now becoming abundantly obvious what the next phase is going to be for achieving global depopulation. The vaccine bioweapon phase has achieved some level of morbid “success” in the eyes of the globalists, likely killing 1 – 2 billion human beings over the next decade as the spike protein damage takes its toll. But even this is nowhere near enough for the demonic entities controlling our planet, as they seek something closer to a 90% total reduction of the human population.

Here’s what others had to say:

well Mike, as usual, you are amusing. In this case because you’ve swallowed the nuclear arms scam. Show us any proof you might have that nuclear arms work. This is just another lie. You are believing crap. Nothing has changed? You’re right! They still don’t work. Go see heiwaco. It’s so obvious that it’s good for them that you believe these idiocies.

Joshua Spencer
Zelensky gets a standing ovation from the United Nation’s, he is a brave charismatic politician who the whole world loves and admires, they call him Churchhill in a teeshirt he is of Jewish decent, could this man be the antichrist? Time will tell

The problem as always is one of information: there just are not enough people with the critical thinking skills to influence the critical percentages needed to overcome the criminal empire.

Rick Morrow
My wife was born in a villiage in Hungary where they mince zeolite. I use zeolite powder to brush my teeth. I would advise that some of the moners developed cancer. It may be from the zeolite or it could be from the alcohol and tobacco that was commonly consumed to excess in teh area. I was told that they give it to cattle to keep them healthy.

Sue hill
The Arcturians have stopped ICBMs before because the detonation and fallout will affect the entire galaxy.

Leland Jossy
Mike, thank you for the info about discs. I’ve reached out to you several times about getting all of your work for sale on desks and other storage mediums. I’m afraid we will lose the Internet at some point and if millions of copies are already in circulation we can copy them ourselves and they can spread like a virus that the globalists will not be able to kill.

Kirk Patrick
The left would have nuked cities earlier if cities weren’t mostly fugly women on welfare raising trans and thugs.

Jen Malinowski
There will NEVER be a nuke in DC or NYC. Those are the centers of Jesuit/Papal power in the United States. Look West, down South or the Midwest.

Original Source: https://www.brighteon.com/787e2691-1c08-486c-835d-d5de871e782c

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