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Franco Giovannini, Medical Biologist Analyses the Blood of Vaxxinated People

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Franco Giovannini, Medical Biologist Analyses the Blood of Vaxxinated People

English – Franco Giovannini, a medical biologist analyses the blood of vaccinated people. Result:
80% of those vaccinated have red blood cell contamination and the presence of exogenous materials, including graphene.

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From La Quinta Columna, we want to ask for the collaboration of all the people who wish to fight for the truth and put a stop to this dystopian situation that we have been experiencing since 2019, in the era of what they have called the “new normality”.

Our work focuses on the research and development of civil actions to fight against this situation that we have unfortunately had to live.

We work tirelessly, day by day, to collect information, carry out studies and develop initiatives to put a stop to this madness that tries to make us live until we reach what they call the “fourth industrial revolution”. The transhumanist era, the era of the 2030 agenda, the era of abnormality.

We created a program, practically daily, lasting 4 hours and broadcast on Twitch, informing society of the reality that is happening, dedicating ourselves fully to it and to field research of what they have called vaccines.


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