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Please Support Independent Media and Alternate Social Media Platforms, and Censor Free Search

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Please Support Independent Media and Alternate Social Media Platforms, and Censor Free Search

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

Truthcoin’s Pre ICO

Truthcoin, the new popular digital currency behind, Truthbook.Social, launches its Pre ICO ahead of late May listing

Truthcoin’s Pre ICO Round 1 is now on offer at just $0.02 cents, only 10% of its set listing price of $0.20 cents USD on crypto exchanges late May,2022.

To qualify one must donate a minimum of $1000 USD, up to a maximum of $25,000 USD per person or entity, although the $1000 minimum is expected to increase for Round 2 at $0.04 cents and Round 3 is slated for $0.08 cents.

Round 1 is now open but closes at the end of March 2022.

Smaller donors can donate $250 or $500 but only qualify to get the coin at $0.15 cents not $0.02 cents


Round 1 Ends March 31st 2022 Midnight US time
$0.02 cents $1000 USD minimum donation to access before it lists at $0.20 cents , 10 times the current price

Round 2 Opens April 1st 2022 Ends April 15 th 2022
$0.04 cents. $1000 USD minimum Donation to access

Round 3 Opens April 16 th and Ends April 30 th 2022
$0.08 cents. $1000 USD minimum Donation to access

For donations below $1000 USD you can purchase for $0.15 cents

DISCLAIMER : This is a donation to Truthbook.social initiative, a not for profit. Truthbook.social doesn’t issue the bonus tokens offered by “Truthcoin“ but they do separately. Note crypto currencies are inherently risky and you should not donate simply on the basis of making money from “Truthcoin“ but because you wish to support the causes  – Truthbook.social supports.

NOTE: Donations are strictly non refundable.
Donation will be in USD Currency

Truth Coin” will be listed on selected crypto exchanges in late May 2022 to enable supporters to help fund this critical and much needed alternate social media platform. A platform that’s free from Globalists control, and not censored like big tech is. It will not support the Great Reset Agenda or the vaccine digital passport which is heavily reliant on people utilising Globalist Platforms like Facebook etc.

This enables everyone to support and benefit from building a better world, by the people for the people, a force for good.
You can donate now to these projects and receive, “Truth Coin” as a bonus and the opportunity to potentially profit.

Default Option to lock in your coin for 12 months and earn 15% in additional coin (paid end of term – term starts from date it lists. Note that this default option will occur unless you request 90-day escrow option).

We have partnered with Bitcoin 2.0 to utilise their management and skill and many of their advisors. Truth Coin is a large supporter of independent media and “Take back Our World” objectives.


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