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ANR Founder and Truthbook Co-Founder, Freedom Activist, and One of the First Authors on the Planet, To Predict the Rise of Bitcoin Slams Australian Bitedge Blogger

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ANR Founder and Truthbook Co-Founder, Freedom Activist, and One of the First Authors on the Planet, To Predict the Rise of Bitcoin Slams Australian Bitedge Blogger

By USA Tomorrow

ANR Founder and Truthbook Co-Founder, freedom activist, and one of the first authors on the planet, to predict the rise of Bitcoin slam’s Australian Bitedge Blogger.

We asked ANR Founder, Jamie McIntyre, what he thought of the slanderous and negative attacks by the anonymous troll who runs Bitedge, a crypto blog out of Melbourne.

Below is his answer

“I generally wouldn’t waste my time responding to anonymous online bloggers, who make false allegations, often to gain traffic to their failing blogs.

But by him being anonymous, pretty much says it all.

An honourable person will put their name to what they say, and stand behind what they say. Not hide behind anonymity.

He hides his identity, and feels empowered by being a keyboard warrior.

We all know about most keyboard warriors, and how most haven’t left their mummy’s basement, or are yet to stop hiding behind mummy’s skirt.

These scam blog sites are set up to post negative content about others with a profile, in order to garner much needed traffic, and some like this to try and gain money by those they attack, to  be forced to pay for the owner  to remove it.

They hide anonymously as they know they are breaking defamation laws as well, plus lack the courage to put their name to it.

I won a landmark case against Google, many years ago, as my lawyers sued Google for publishing false negative content like this blogger has.

Re his false claims

He seems to be jealous that I made millions from

Bitcoin, & crypto. Where he simply writes about it. I was one of the first authors on the planet to write a book on the rise of Bitcoin, I held the first Australian Bitcoin Conference, founded Australia’s first Bitcoin ATM, which I sold out of, and have helped my investor clients make between $3-4 billion collectively , & growing, mostly from property, but also business & crypto.

I publicly stated that Bitcoin when it hit $120 is worth buying, & that it would go to $10,000 Aud, & then most likely $100,000 Aud. (It reached almost $100,000 Aud last year)

In one of my books, “Investment lessons I learnt from Warren Buffet”, I remember his billionaire business partner, Charlie Munger, said “jealousy isn’t the worst human trait, but envy is.”

In Australia, it’s so true.

There is so much envy & hatred towards those that are successful, & help others.

The Globalists, who operate the real scam i.e. “fiat currency and the Federal Reserve banking scam, who are also behind the Covid scam, and the climate change scams own most of mainstream media & control our Western Governments.

So the poor average Aussie is scammed by the system, but the scammer’s use dodgy Government departments like the ATO, ASIC and Dept of Fair trading etc. to target those who pose a threat to exposing the dodgy central banking scam.

They call any threat, a scammer, to keep the masses confused, so they can never figure out who the real scammers are.

He makes allegations about ASIC as well.

Yes, the ASIC owes me $50 million for losses they deliberately caused myself, & $5.8 million to my option holders, ASIC stole 6 of my profitable land projects, 8 years ago. Since when  is land banking illegal?

It’s not.

How much have those projects grown since?

It’s actually hundreds  of millions  of dollars in increased value of land projects,  which they took to cause losses. As they need losses to win a case saying I caused losses to investors. They then blame me for losing investors’ money, despite them deliberately causing it then using Fairfax Media to lie about it to cover up their illegal actions.

It’s a total joke.

Anyone that listens to mainstream media is misled.

As for his claims the cryptos I advise on, or own stakes in, are scams.

Some cryptos are scams.

Some are legitimate.

Some fail.

That’s business, & one shouldn’t invest if they are a cry baby.

But any I’ve been involved in, not one has failed yet. Bitcoin has been the biggest success story on the planet regardless of its current downmarket.

Bitxcoin merged & became a part of Bitcoin 2.0, which just got bought out for $20 million in crypto, by the much larger Truthcoin, valued at $80 million and has a bright future.

Most of the holders got the crypto for free, for donating to not for profit causes like Independent Media,& the Global Health Organisation (a competitor to expose the corrupted WHO), are sitting on large paper profits, even in a crypto downturn. Many already cashed out, with hundreds of thousands, cashed out via legitimate exchanges.

People have to let go of believing anything from Government bodies or mainstream media. They work together at times to character assassinate good people for ulterior motives. This feeds those who fall easily for gossip and are easily manipulated.

They are the enemy.

They lie daily, and attack those working for the people to expose the corrupt politicians, and mainstream media journalists, and dodgy ASIC officers who can’t lie straight in bed.

Unlike some, I put my name behind what I say, and I dare anyone to say publicly to my face any false allegation I lost investors’ money.

As, I would simply challenge them to put up or shut up.

And no one will put up as it’s false.

My results stand for themselves. My clients have made over $3 billion collectively.

Talk is cheap, and online trolls talking about others are about all they will ever accomplish.

If you don’t have trolls and haters yet, I suggest you need to do more good in this world. Let the haters be losers, and let the rest of us get on with our lives without suffering unfair character assassination.

Original Source: https://www.usatomorrow.live/cryptocurrency/anr-founder-and-truthbook-co-founder-freedom-activist-and-one-of-the-first-authors-on-the-planet-to-predict-the-rise-of-bitcoin-slams-australian-bitedge-blogger/

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