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Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Hottest New Trend In America Right Now Is Called “Bidening”

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The Hottest New Trend In America Right Now Is Called “Bidening”

By Zach Heilman

From 81 million ‘ballots counted’ to this ‘Historic Landmark’ in about 18 months

Joe Biden went from receiving the ‘most votes’… well, the most ballots counted anyway since, at this point, everyone except for the extremely stupid knows that he didn’t actually receive 81 million legal votes, to now being mocked and ridiculed on a daily basis.

Anyway, here’s Benny Johnson with a compilation of some of that mocking of one of Joe’s most recent viral embarrassments.


If that wasn’t enough, someone allegedly put the historic ‘landmark’ on Google Maps as ‘Brandon Falls’, but it wasn’t long until Google removed it. Not surprising as Google and almost all of the legacy Big Tech platforms run cover for Biden’s illegitimate regime and crime family. Fortunately, UngaTheGreat, by way of ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter, captured the moment with a few screenshots.

Original Source: https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2022/07/the-hottest-new-trend-in-america-right-now-is-called-bidening-this-is-hilarious-benny-johnson-video/ref/6/

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