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Australia Jab Injuries – Alex – From Sunshine Coast, Australia

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Australia Jab Injuries – Alex – From Sunshine Coast, Australia

By Jab Injuries Global

Alex – Sunshine Coast, Australia

I ran a sporting business for the last eight years and actively participated in competitive soccer for the last twenty years. I’ve never had any issues with my heart or respiratory system prior to the vaccine mandate.

On the tenth of January 2022, I received my second Moderna vaccine. I originally felt no side effects and was able to enjoy my life as usual until five days later. The heart palpitations began along with the constant stinging sensation from the left side of my chest. I persisted on working and enjoying my social life whilst looking more into possible side effects. I knew I fell into the category of pericarditis due to being a young fit male. So, I began to take my own anti-inflammatories whilst desperately trying to book into a GP as all were booked out on the Sunshine Coast due to COVID-19 staff shortages.

It was on January 19th 2022 that I managed to finally secure a booking with a GP. It was between January 15th and 19th 2022 that my symptoms worsened. I began having a tingling sensation in my legs similar to RLS. I was reduced to constant diarrhoea along with hot/cold sweats, it felt like my throat was closing over, and and I began having breathing issues that was constant shortness of breath along with stinging sensations in my ribs.

After having an ECG at the GP, nothing was found and I as asked about stress in my life and this heart pain was probably attributed to anxiety and other factors. I was told to book an echogram to be safe and to take ibuprofen to help reduce any possible inflammation. I was fobbed off.

Fast forward to January 24th 2022, my symptoms have worsened. I haven’t slept properly in a week over fear I won’t wake up. My breathing has become so bad I can barely walk up a flight of stairs before clutching at my chest. I don’t sleep more than four to five hours a night currently and stopped socialising and partaking in any physical activity out of fear of having to sit down.

I took myself to hospital and after an ECG, they found pericarditis immediately and I was sent for extra x-rays and ultrasounds. I am now booked in again for regular heart scans over the next week that will determine the severity of the damage.

The financial strain this has put me under is immense as I am self employed and have been told I am not eligible for any of the vaccine adverse reaction schemes. Overall, the hospital staff were great but the general practice who also gave me my shots seemed not concerned at all with my symptoms or complaints.

Original source: https://www.jabinjuriesglobal.com/australia/alex

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