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Australia Jab Injuries – Aaron – From Brisbane, Australia

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Australia Jab Injuries – Aaron – From Brisbane, Australia

By Jab Injuries Global

Aaron – Brisbane, Australia

Pfizer #1: FH3221

I am a fairly fit and healthy person who rides daily to work and loves tough mudder and spartan obstacle type challenges. I heard about the mandatory vaccine and was hesitant to take it. Doing my research, I didn’t think it was a good idea. It wasn’t long until my job security was at stake that I consulted my GP to see if I can get an exemption as my family has a history of heart problems. My GP shut me down quickly, saying that I shoulder to be fine and shouldn’t worry. I pleaded with the GP, but to no avail. It was like a lamb to the slaughter. I decided to take it as I have bills to pay and to put food on the table.

On December 7th 2021, I got the Pfizer vaccine.

About half an hour after that, I felt a weird pressure in my chest. I didn’t think of it much as I was already on my way home. I thought I could sleep over it and should be good by morning. That night, I felt like my heart was jumping out of my chest and the thought of the side effects made me more anxious, which made it hurt.

The next day, my wife made an appointment with a private GP for the following day, as the previous GP we felt won’t be helpful. At the private GP, I expressed my concerns, and she did two rounds of ECG’s, and she looked concerned. She wrote me a letter and told me to head to the emergency department as soon as possibl.

At the emergency department, I was hooked up with all the cards to monitor me. More rounds of ECG’s were done, and they took a blood sample. The nurse gave me paracetamol two hours in and thirty minutes later, I was given ibuprofen. At the five-hour mark, the clinician came and looked at me, asking the same questions as the nurse. She went away and came back again to tell me that I have pericarditis. The clinician told me that I should be fine after ten days. Since the vaccine, I have reduced energy and constantly fatigued. I can only wash two dishes and need to have a lie dow. Since the visit to the emergency department, I slept about twelves, which’s is not normal for me. My wife had to check on me to see if I am still breathing. I continued to work until the dreadful date to be double vaccinated. I called my previous GP to tell her that I have pericarditis and her reaction was of surprise. She said: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear this. You are my first patient with the condition.” She then quickly rushed the appointment and I had only spoken no more than five minutes. So, I made an appointment with the private GP to help me get a medical letter done to allow me back to work. Thinking that I would be allowed back to work with the letter, my manager said: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear you got pericarditis, but are you going to get the second vaccination?” I said once I got better. She gave me an unimpressed look and rolled her eyes.

I didn’t hear back from work until I called work on January 4th 2021 to follow up. I asked if I am still able to come back, and the manager replied with a slight disgust in her voice: “No. You’ll be a high risk to everyone, and people are already getting sick with COVID-19.” I found that odd. I received an email from work eight days later that they will extend my stand down for another four weeks (for a total of eight weeks). I replied, saying that my GP says twelve weeks to monitor my recovery and ensure that I am well enough for the second.

Two days later, I received a termination email effective immediately from the head of the department. So, since the jab, I have not only lost my job, but I have lost my fitness, have increased sweats, feeling fatigue, constant dull chest pains, and deteriorating mental health. It feels like I have been left out to dry.

Original source: https://www.jabinjuriesglobal.com/australia/aaron

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